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Glee Season 4 Finale: Who Is Katie? Our Top Five Suspects

UPDATE: Glee's Season 4 finale revealed that Unique is the Catfish!

If you’re like us, you’re currently pacing nervously in front of the TV because you can’t stand the suspense of almost knowing who is Catfishing
Ryder (Blake Jenner) on Glee. Before we find out on tonight’s Season 4 finale, let’s take a look at our top five suspects for the mysterious “Katie.” Time to channel your inner sleuth!

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5. Jake (Jacob Artist)

Why he might be “Katie”: Jake and Ryder continue to have a tenuous friendship, given that Ryder did try to swipe Marley from him. (Bad form, dude.) And since Katie showed up just after Ryder and Marley’s kiss, Jake might be transforming into Katie as a form of comeuppance.

Why he might not be: Uh, is Jake really all that internet savvy? We’re not so sure. Plus, Jake and Ryder’s bromance is strong enough that we’d be surprised to see Jake pull this stunt. And let’s not forget that Blake says we won’t be seeing much of Jake this week — so there’s that.

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4. Brittany (Heather Morris)

Why she might be “Katie”: This one is a little out-of-left-field, but we can’t shake the fact that Brittany was out of the choir room when Ryder called Katie’s phone, meaning it might have been her bag that the ring tone was coming from. And couldn’t you see Brittany getting confused and thinking her name was actually Katie?

Why she might not be: This seems to be a bit too malicious for Brittany. And we’re pretty sure all she uses the internet for is posting “Fondue for Two.”

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3. Kitty (Becca Tobin)

Why she might be “Katie”: This just seems right up Kitty’s alley, doesn’t it? Plus, we started to see Kitty’s affections for Ryder just after he started chatting with “Katie,” so maybe that was her way of testing the waters. And it’s hard to ignore how similar “Kitty” and “Katie” sound. Okay, that last reason isn’t the most sophisticated point, but it’s something.

Why she might not be: After Kitty and Ryder’s heart-to-heart, it’s pretty hard to imagine her messing with him like this. Plus, Blake seems to have suggested that Ryder and Kitty won’t have many scenes together in the finale.

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2. Marley (Melissa Benoist)

Why she might be “Katie”: Well, we really hope she isn’t Katie, since she’s become so close to Ryder. But maybe she would have adopted the Katie persona in order to give Ryder confidence?

Why she might not be: Marley just seems way too sweet for something like this. Plus, internet rumors say that she’ll initially tell Ryder that she is “Katie” but that she’s taking the blame for someone else. Again, that’s just a rumor, so make of it what you will.

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1. Unique (Alex Newell)

Why she might be “Katie”: Here it is our top suspect! Unique has made the most sense from Day One, given that “Katie” helped Ryder to understand Unique’s point of view. And Unique hasn’t really had a romantic plotline yet, so this would be a start toward developing that. Plus, the Catfish is likely to be a male actor so we think all signs point to Unique.

Why she might not be Katie: Well, when Blake was asked point-blank if Unique is the Catfish, all he would say is that people will “definitely be surprised.” Does that mean it’s not Unique or is he just trying to throw us off the scent? We’ll know soon enough!

I think I know!

I have no idea!

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