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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Season 4 Finale — Elena Chooses a Brother

Be wary! The Vampire Diaries spoilers for the Season 4 finale from E! Online below!

We are getting Season 3 Vampire Diaries flashbacks with this recent spoiler from E! Online about the Season 4 finale. Remember how Elena (Nina Dobrev) made a choice between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in Season 3, Episode 22, “The Departed”? It will be déjà vu all over again in Season 4, Episode 23, “Graduation.”

According to the spoiler, Elena is definitely opting for one Salvatore over the other. But while that brother might be having a great day, the other has bigger issues to deal with. E! promises “one of the series’ best twists ever,” so we’re thinking whichever guy doesn’t get the girl gets the cure.

Think about it. If either Damon or Stefan suddenly became human, it would change the triangle’s entire dynamic. And it would mirror the way Elena suddenly became a vampire at the end of Season 3.

With this new bit of information, we’re guessing Stefan takes the cure. Hear us out. Elena chose him last time around, and for her to do so again would feel like history repeating. She’s a very different person supernatural since becoming a vampire, and she and Stefan haven’t had many moments together in Season 4. That dance at prom may have reawakened his feelings for her, but she hasn’t had much time to reciprocate since turning on her emotions.

On the other hand, everyone’s spent months speculating that Elena would run back to Stefan the second she was human and that her feelings for Damon were all about the sire bond. While she obviously loves both brothers, we think the pendulum will swing in the elder’s direction for now.

Besides, Stefan won’t be able to leave Mystic Falls — as he’s been threatening to do — if he’s human. He has no idea how to make it in the world without his fangs!

Source: E! Online