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American Idol

Who is Angie Miller? American Idol 2013 Contestant Background Info

Viewers have always had mixed feelings about whether American Idol should allow what some call “sob stories,” or emotional accounts of obstacles these people have overcome in order to get to auditions. We were introduced to Angela Miller on the season 12 premiere, and anyone watching would have to admit there was no sign this girl was anything but blessed. Interestingly enough, the young and beautiful singer explained to the judges that she’s always had hearing loss 40 percent in one ear, and 2 percent in the others.

Although the panel seemed amazed by her story, they were even more stunned by her impressive rendition of Jessie J’s “Mamma Knows Best.” As the judge who is quickly earning a reputation as Idol’s resident softy, Nicki Minaj, said, “I haven’t felt that all day that thing that makes me feel something in my soul.”

New England-area web site checked in with the area native prior to the season, and she had a firm grasp on what the viewers want.

“It’s not just about having a good voice. It’s also how you carry yourself. You really need to be the whole package,” she told them. “You can tell the people on previous seasons who had voices but nothing really to them. I want people to relate to me.”

Angela totally impressed the judges in Round 4 of Hollywood Week with an original song, garnering a standing ovation from the judges. They loved it so much, they still haven't stopped talking about it every time she comes on stage.

Then she did it again with an amazing performance during the first Vegas round. Her semi-finals round performance was even more spectacular (if not quite as killer as her original song), and earned her a spot in the Top 10. We sense a star in the making and maybe, the next American Idol winner!


05.9.2013 / 08:16 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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