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Game of Thrones

Who’s the Best Couple on Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones has a number of intriguing couples, both romantic and platonic, but which is best? Read below to see our nominees for the show’s top pairs.

For our puppy love entrant, we have Jon and Ygritte. The way Ygritte constantly teases Jon as if they were on a playground is adorable. Jon’s more the quiet type, so he doesn’t always know how to handle someone as rambunctious as Ygritte. However, it seems like he’s starting to figure it out, as we saw recently when he (ahem) “kissed her fire.”

Those who are into sadomasochism may favor Margaery and Joffrey. Joff’s a sick kid, but Margaery may be even more twisted for the way she entertains his depraved fantasies. Asking Joff if he’d like to watch her kill something with a crossbow? Now that’s kinky. Or at least very, very smart.

Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO ©2013 Home Box Office    

True love is probably best represented on the show by Robb and Talisa. Robb had promised to marry someone else, but he felt that he was meant to be with Talisa. So who cares that their marriage screwed over his uncle and almost lost the war for the North? Just get a load of the way they look at each other!

Our most mismatched couple has to be Brienne and Jaime. Brienne is all business, while Jaime sees himself as the life of the party. The more time they spend together, though, the more they seem to become like one another. So let’s hope they don’t split up anytime soon (we’re looking at you, Roose Bolton). Plus, as a bonus, they’re the only couple on this list who can hold hands even when they’re not in the same room!

Finally, our dark horse candidate is Tyrion and Bronn. The dwarf and the sellsword come from completely different backgrounds, but thankfully they share the same wicked sense of humor. We would love to see these two get their own spin off where they just travel the countryside making fun of anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.

So there you have it, the top twosomes in Game of Thrones. Westeros can be a pretty rough place, but when you’ve got someone to share it with like these duos, the nights aren’t quite so dark and full of terrors.

Who is your favorite couple (or dynamic duo) on Game of Thrones? Sound off in the comments!

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