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Will Glee Season 5 Be Held Until Midseason?

Tonight’s Glee Season 4 finale will bring shocking cliffhangers and so the idea of then waiting more than three months for the next new episode makes us downright despondent. But might we actually have to suffer for gulp! eight Glee-free months? Say it ain’t so!

Fox won’t announce its fall schedule until next week, but
Zap2It is predicting that the network will choose to hold Glee back until midseason in order to make room for a couple new sitcoms on Thursdays.

That would mean that
Glee Season 5 might not actually start until January 2014 or later. We hope there’s something soft near you in case you spontaneously faint at the thought of waiting that long.

Zap2It reasons that Fox will need to rejigger its schedule a bit, since its Thursday night lineup for this past season had more ratings issues than expected.

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“Moving Glee behind The X Factor and American Idol seemed like a way to create a powerful Thursday-night lineup,” according to Zap2It. “It hasn't really turned out that way, though, as all three shows faded this season.”

“The solution: Move Glee to midseason where it can have a sustained run and give the fall real estate to a pair of new comedies,” the article continues.

Sure, this seems like devastating news at first (and at second, and even at third). But saving Glee for midseason would have the added benefit of meaning the show could air a continuous season without having to air reruns. Thank goodness for silver linings.

So will this really happen? Stay tuned.

Source: Zap2It

05.9.2013 / 10:23 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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