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Teen Mom

Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree Rocks an MTV Shirt in New Keek (VIDEO)

Oh, little Aubree Houska. The Chelsea Houska’s little girl definitely has tons of flair and we believe this little girl has a future in modeling. And by the looks of it, the Teen Mom 2 tot is starting her career by repping her Teen Mom 2’s production station, MTV.

In a new Keek, the little tyke sits in front of a chair, wearing a pink shirt with the MTV logo across the front. As she sits, her mother feeds her lines to say.

May 5, 2013 | Snuggle uggle by ChelseaHouska on

“Say, ‘hi everybody’,” Chel-Chel tells Aubree. “Hi everybody,” the little girl repeats.

After Chelsea tells her kiddo to say that they’re going to watch a movie, the little girl says that she and her mom are going to “snuggle-nuggle” during their flick. The cutest! When Chelsea says that the two will go to bed after the movie, Aubree yells out “tomorrow!,” which her mother corrects and says “tonight.”

In pure Aubree diva fashion, the little blondie says “tonight, tomorrow” super casual. Maybe Aubree was trying to tell her mother that she would be staying up all night like a big girl? Who knows...

Either way, the tot blows a kiss for her adoring fans before saying “bye.” How cute!

05.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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