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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Seen Heading to NYC Airport, With Pizza

Waiting for proof of a Robsten reunion in New York City? Popsugar has photos of the two together, so check them out here.

Kristen Stewart went to the Met Gala on Monday, without Robert Pattinson, but Popsugar says they checked out of their Big Apple hotel and headed to JFK airport to catch a Wednesday night flight. However, they had their driver stop on the way to pick up some slices of NYC pizza. You can’t get the good stuff just anywhere!

KStew was recently named the least-trusted movie star in a Reader’s Digest poll, but Kristen and Rob don’t seem to care, and there’s really no reason why they should. They know each other a lot better than anyone taking a poll.

Are you glad to see Rob and Kristen spending more time together? Do you think they are still together together or just close friends?

Source: PopSugar