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Revenge Season 2 Finale: Will Jack Porter Die?

Jack Porter has so many feelings on Revenge lately, all of which are completely deadly. This tender-hearted wharf rat used to be all about peace, love, and sea-glass, but ever since Amanda (the boat and the stripper) up and exploded he wants nothing more than to get his revenge on.

However, if we've learned one thing from watching Emily Thorne spiral into insanity, it's that revenge doesn't come without a price –– and that price could be Jack's life.

Jack is playing a dangerous game, and he's making plenty of enemies along the way. Conrad Grayson could have him off'd at any second, and frankly we don't trust Jack's new bestie, Ashley Davenport. But the worst part? One of our Revengers is set to die during the season finale (airing May 12), and Jack is seen with a gun in the promo.

We have a feeling this seaman is going to try to murder either Victoria or Conrad, but uhm... they're about twenty times smarter than him. There's no way Queen V or Connie will let a mere plebeian like Jack bring them down, which means they could turn the tables and pump him full of lead!

Not to mention the explosion that’s set to take place in Grayson Global when Jack’s supposed to be inside! How can he escape that one?!

Do you think Jack will die in Revenge's finale? Because if he does, we're going to abandon Team Mike Kelley and join Team ABC Executives. That is all.

05.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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