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Glee Stars Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist Dating in Real Life?

Blake Jenner (Ryder) caused a mini freak-out in the Glee fan universe on May 9, when the McKinley High newcomer seemingly confirmed that he and co-star Melissa Benoist (Marley) are dating.


In an ET Canada Live Chat an hour before Glee’s Season 4 finale aired on the east coast, a fan asked Blake if the rumors that he and Melissa had started dating were true. Blake’s response: “Yup. :)”

That seems like a pretty definitive answer to us. Now, it should be noted that live chats don’t always happen in an ordered or sequential fashion, so it’s possible that Blake’s “yup” could have been responding to a different fan question. However, looking over the chat transcript, it definitely seems like Blake was answering the relationship rumors question.

The last time we checked, though — and we admit, it has been a while — Blake and Melissa were both already in relationships with other people. Blake had been dating his girlfriend Maria since high school, or perhaps even before then. They even both moved from Florida to Los Angeles together. He pursued acting, while she went after a college degree. Until recently, Maria was very active on Twitter, cheering Blake on and posting plenty of photos of herself spending time with him and his family.

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However, the once Twitter-loving Maria abruptly stopped tweeting at the end of February, and she hasn’t written a single thing since February 6. Giving that Maria was attending Hollywood events with Blake on January 14 and grabbing sushi with his brother on January 31, if there was a breakup, it would have to have been sometime after the end of January.

Back in October, Melissa was dating Nick Vorderman, a photographer who was splitting his time between L.A. and NYC. At the time, they talked frequently on Twitter. Recently, they don’t seem to be speaking at all, and Nick appears to have moved back to Brooklyn full time.

We have no proof that either Melissa or Blake have ended their previous relationships, but evidence on Twitter seems to suggest that they have. What do you think: Are Glee’s New Rachel and New Finn just as much of a couple in real life as the original Finn and Rachel? Or have you not seen enough evidence to believe it quite yet?

Source: Blake Jenner’s ET Canada Live Chat

05.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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