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The Vampire Diaries

Top 5 Vampire Diaries OMG Moments From Season 4, Episode 22

If your jaw’s still on the floor after all of the madness in Season 4 Episode 22, “The Walking Dead” you aren’t alone. That’s why we’re bringing you the Top 5 OMG Moments that had us hitting “rewind” on our DVR remotes over and over.

Damon and Alaric, Best Bros Forever
Stefan (Paul Wesley) may be Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) brother by genetics, but Alaric (Matt Davis) was his proverbial brother from another mother. Sure, they began their relationship together as sworn enemies, but never forget: they ended it as drinking buddies. Damon grieved for Alaric in a way that he has for very few, if any, other characters, and we were right there with him.

At lot of stuff went bananas when the veil was lifted, but with every dark some light must come. It was fitting, awesome, and shocking in the best possible way when the first person to appear from the great beyond was Alaric. While Damon was at first skeptical that Alaric was who he claimed to be, a few drinks erased that and before too long Damon had the friend he’d been missing and an ally he desperately needed. That he was an ally who came with the cure in his hand definitely didn’t hurt.

All Work and No Play Makes Silas a Bloody Boy
Bonnie (Kat Graham) finally thought she had a handle on Silas and was prepared to beat him at his own game. She was going to lift the veil prematurely and banish him without unleashing hell on earth. A good plan in theory but not great in practice, since Silas is far more powerful than anyone had imagined.

He’s so powerful, in fact, that he managed to fool almost everyone into thinking that he was Caroline (Candice Accola) when in fact the real Caroline was locked in the back room of the Mystic Grill, repeatedly slashing at her arms because Silas told her she must bleed. Luckily Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Matt (Zach Roerig) found her and let Damon know that Silas was still on the loose. They were on the verge of being too late, as Silas-as-Caroline revealed to Bonnie that she was never actually seen his true form, and he’d been able to get into her head the entire time.

Jeremy’s Back... For a Second!
Elena (Nina Dobrev) and her feelings might be back, finally, but she was so focused on her rage towards her doppelganger Katherine (Nina Dobrev) that she may as well have felt nothing at all. She explained this all to Stefan What if she let herself feel and falls apart completely when confronted with the death of her brother?

The episode eventually finds her at Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) grave, gradually coming to terms with these feelings. When Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) showed up to murder her and exact his revenge, Jeremy appeared from beyond the veil to save his sister and help her cope with her feelings in a true and real way. Jeremy’s reappearance also impacts another cast member greatly — but we’ll get to that!

Lexi and Stefan
At the end of the episode, Stefan was left feeling bummed out that basically everyone else had gotten a chance to hang out with their dead friends, but his dead friend Lexi was MIA. He tried to make do with Caroline, but he can’t shake his sadness.

Until Lexi shows up! Stefan is beyond excited to see his old friend and so are we. The twosome goes for a long walk where Lexi breaks it down as only Lexie can. She points out that Elena punching him in the face might be her way of saying “take a hint dude.” She then slyly remarks that Stefan has replaced her with another blonde — Caroline! The internet gasped. So did we.

Bye-Bye, Bonnie Bennett
We all know that people dying unexpectedly on the show is well, expected. We become very close with characters, and then we lose them. Keep in mind that this is Mystic Falls and dead doesn’t necessarily mean go forever. Look at this entire episode. It was riddled with characters who had been killed off.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to see them shuffle of their mortal coils, you know? Bonnie had been treading dangerously close to the edge for the majority of the season. Her connection with Expression-based magic probably was the thing that spelled out her doom ages ago. Still, it was her belief that she could bring Jeremy back permanently that finally did her in. Bonnie looked shocked as all get out when she woke up well, dead. But we guarantee you she did not look as shocked as we did. OMG indeed.

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