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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampires Diaries Characters Choose Teams: Delena vs. Stelena

There are two kinds of people in this world:* those who think ;The Vampire Diaries’ ;heroine ;Elena ;(Nina Dobrev) should end up with brooding vampire ;Stefan ;(Paul Wesley) and those who think his bad boy brotherDamon ;(Ian Somerhalder) is her eternal love. Or, as these groups are better know: Team Selena and Team Delena.

The same rule applies to the residents of Mystic Falls. Everyone in town has an opinion about this tortured love triangle, and we want to see how these teams are shaping up — leaving out the obvious answers of Stefan (duh), Damon (double duh), and Elena (sigh, if only she knew). Here are the teams, as we see them: ;

*Editors note: OK, OK. There’s a third category of people who think Elena belongs with ;Elijah ;(Daniel Gillies), ;Matt ;(Zach Roerig), ;Bonnie ;(Kat Graham), etc.