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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Babies! All About Seattle Grace-Mercy West’s Tiniest Residents (PHOTOS)

Grey's Anatomy’s Seattle Grace-Mercy West is full of adults with adult issues. Every day, our favorite doctors treat patients who are facing life and death … it doesn’t get much more adult than that. And it doesn’t help that when they’re not saving lives, they’re sleeping together. The hospital is basically rated PG-13 and sometimes, probably R. However, the hospital’s PG-13 (or R) rating hasn’t stopped a few little kiddies from slipping through the cracks.

SG-MW has seen its fair share of babies over the years, and whether good or bad, it’s been a big part of raising a select few.

So in honor of Mother's Day ;and the fact that Seattle Grace-Mercy West could soon become the second home to another child, we’re rounding up all of the youngins who either have or will call those four walls their home someday too.