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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 3’s Alexandria Sekella Slams Farrah Abraham: “I Have A Real Job”

Farrah Abraham's come under quite a lot of criticism thanks to her recent foray into porn, and no one has been more judgemental than her fellow Teen Moms. Most of these ladies are completely horrified that their seemingly puritan co-star would agree to sell a sex video for $1.5 million, especially Teen Mom 3's Alexandria Sekella.

Not only is Alex refusing to watch Farrah's porn flick, she's concerned about the impact it will have on Farrah's daughter, Sophia.


"So I'm in target n a person asks if I'm going to make a sex tape too? sorry I have a real job n #self respect like the rest of 16&p gals," Alex tweeted on May 11, adding that Sophia will be "scared [scarred] for life and brutally made fun of in school."

Farrah says she'll be completely open and honest with Sophia about why she made the tape, so hopefully this little lady will understand where her mommy is coming from [insert backdoor joke here].

Then again, we can't help but agree with Alex when it comes to Sophia being made fun of at school. Children can be pretty ruthless, and we'd hate for Soph to be bullied thanks to Farrah's pornographic debut!

Do you agree with Alex's concerns, or should she keep her opinion about Farrah's personal life to herself? Dish it out in the comments!

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