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Revenge’s Emily VanCamp Turns 27! Here Are 5 Reasons We Love Emily Thorne

So technically, Emily VanCamp’s birthday was on May 12, but with the Season 2 finale of Revenge AND Mother’s Day, we were a bit distracted. That doesn’t mean this Canadian beauty shouldn’t be celebrated!

Last night’s finale saw Emily Thorne in a series of panicked events, including the admission of her true identity to one Jack Porter.

But there are also some constants in her life that make us love Emily Thorne. Here are our Top 5 reasons:

1. She Scares Us

There’s nothing we love more than a strong woman on television, and she’s one of the strongest. Nolan Ross said it best in Season 1 when he simply admitted, “You scare me.” Her response? “Good.”

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2. She Goes From Designer Gowns to Black Hoodies

Ashley Davenport is probably the most fashion forward, but Ems is a real crossover artist, effortlessly transitioning from evening wear to revenging attire.


3. She Has Morals

In Season 1, Ems had the opportunity to kill the man who murdered her father. But she stopped herself within moments of his murder, knowing that her father wouldn’t have wanted it.

4. She Has Limits

Emily is hell-bent on revenge, but she won’t hurt her half-sister Charlotte or sacrifice her bestie Nolan for the good of the cause. Revenge isn’t her only mission in life, and she protects those who are the most important to her. If that wasn’t clear enough, check out the last two minutes of the Season 2 finale!

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5. Nolan Ross Is Always Her No. 1

Ems has a gaggle of overly attractive men at her beck and call on a regular basis, but her love for Nolan Ross trumps all of her other suitors. Sure, they claim to have a sibling relationship, but she clearly cares for him more than any other man in her life ... well, except for Baby Carl David (but have you seen those cheeks?!).

Why do you love Emily Thorne? Tell us below!

05.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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