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Glee Season 5 Getting a Huge “Creative Twist” in Spring 2014

Are you still processing (and by “processing,” we mean, “in denial of”) the fact that Glee will be taking a looong hiatus in the middle of Season 5, with some episodes not coming until next summer? Us, too. But there are also reasons to be excited about Fox’s Glee Season 5 plans we promise.

Perhaps the most intriguing tidbit revealed by Fox chairman Kevin Reilly on May 13 was the fact that
Glee would undergo a “creative twist” when it returns in the spring for the uninterrupted second half of the season. So what is it?

Given that Kevin also teased there would be more NYC “adventures” in the coming season, our first inclination is that the twist will involve abandoning McKinley for good. After all, the twist would presumably happen right around when the current crop of New Directions seniors would be graduating, so it might be a good time to transition to the Big Apple permanently.

Credit: Adam Rose/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

We had previously heard Kevin talk about Glee perhaps taking place solely in NYC in the future, so we’re still thinking that might happen. As far as what else the twist could be, we’re a little stumped. All we know is, the show has given us enough twists over the years that this one must be pretty colossal for it to merit a heads-up from the head of the network.

So if this is indeed the change that’s in store for us all, would you be excited to say goodbye to McKinley? Or do you think the twist is something else? Like, maybe the twist is that Schue is going to switch from vests to sweater vests? Then again, maybe that’s too crazy...

Source: Broadway World

05.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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