Which Revengers Know Emily Thorne’s True Identity?
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Which Revengers Know Emily Thorne’s True Identity?

Emily Thorne’s true identity is the Hamptons worst kept secret on Revenge. Though few of the central characters know, the list of those in on the secret is now in the double digits.

So who knows that Ems is really young Mandy Clarke? Check out the list below:

1) Fauxmanda Clarke: She switched identities with the OG Amanda.

2) Nolan Ross: After vowing to protect Emily to her father, David Clarke, Nolan is Em’s No. 1 partner in crime.

3) Tyler Barrol: Sure, he was a psycho, but Ty Ty uncovered Emily’s Infinity Box of secrets. He was about to tell Danny all the details when Takeda took him out.

4) Aiden Mathis: This new love interest met Emily in revenge school.

5) The White-Haired Man (Gordon Murphy): To save Nolan, Emily revealed her true identity to Gordon. She was about to take him out with an axe, but changed her mind at the last minute. No prob — Aiden took care of him.

6) Frank Stevens: The Graysons’ henchman went digging and found Fauxmanda in her strip club. He figured out the truth, but didn’t have a chance to tell anyone since Mandy took a crowbar to his head.

7) Mason Treadwell: After Fauxmanda tried to kill the journalist, Emily told him the truth. He’s now serving time behind bars, but Emily’s guaranteed him the rights to her story after her plan is finished.

8) Satoshi Takeda: As Emily’s Japanese sensei, Takeda knows all about her plans.

9) Ryan Huntley: Ryan was the lawyer who vowed to help David Clarke. When he failed to do so, Ems paid him a visit and convinced him to work for her. He altered the DNA test Victoria Grayson had for Fauxmanda to say that she was really David’s daughter.

10) Warden Sharon Stiles: This lady was the warden of Emily and Amanda’s juvenile detention center. She was the one with the original idea for the two to switch identities.

11) Carole Miller: Nolan told his Aunt Carole the truth last season. The former Grayson Global employee faked her own death after she uncovered what the Graysons were doing.

12) Eli James: Emily Thorne's foster brother remembers her identity the minute he sets eyes on her. But he claims to want to help her, not derail her mission.

13) Jack Porter: In the epic Season 2 finale, Emily Thorne puts herself between Jack's gun and Conrad Grayson. To stop Jack from shooting and ruining his life, she helps him realize what he's known all along ... she is Amanda Clarke.

Are you surprised so many Hamptonites know the truth? Weigh in below!

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