Who Has Died Thus Far on Revenge?
Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    
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Who Has Died Thus Far on Revenge?

Though their memories will live on infinity times infinity, it’s time to pour out a glass of Perrier in honor of the Revengers who are currently six feet under.

As this season progresses and we find out why The Amanda sunk and who that dead, manly arm belongs to, there will surely be more to add to this list, but as of Season 2, Episode 6, here is the Hamptons’ official death toll:

1) David Clarke As much as Revenge fans are dying for this falsely-accused father to return, Davey’s a goner. Show creator Mike Kelley has already admitted that he’d never bring David back because it’s just too predictable.

2) Carl Porter — After Jack’s father passed away at the beginning of Season 1, he was left to run The Stowaway and care for his brother, Declan, all by his lonesome. But in Episode 8, “Lineage,” we’ll see Carl come back — in flashback form.

Who Has Died Thus Far on Revenge?
Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

3) Frank Stevens — The Graysons’ slightly deranged head of security went rogue after Conrad fired him. To prove himself and get back in Victoria’s good graces, he tracked down Fauxmanda Clarke and found her on a stripper pole. He had just uncovered the secret to the identity swap when Amanda knocked him out.

4) Tyler Barrol — Though we loved this deliciously evil character, we weren’t ready to lose Danny Boy just yet. So Ty Ty took two bullets to the back, courtesy of Takeda.

5) Lee Moran — After being the Graysons’ henchman, Lee suffered the consequences by getting framed for Tyler’s murder. Then when the case wasn’t looking good for Daniel, Conrad got The Initiative to kill Lee and make it look like a suicide.

Who Has Died Thus Far on Revenge?
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

6) Lydia Davis We’re still a little skeptical to call this one a true death. We never saw a body, and we never saw how Victoria got off that plane. Maybe she took Lydia with her? Actor Henry Czerny has been quoted saying that Lydia “definitely died,” but where’s the proof?

7) Agent John McGowen — This is another iffy, but much more likely, death. Agent McGowen escorted both Victoria and Lydia onto the plane, and he was meant to go with them to D.C. to testify. Again, we didn’t see a body, but his role was more insignificant, so chances are that he’s a goner.

8) The White-Haired Man (Gordon Murphy) — Though he was one of the Hamptons’ most formidable villains, Aiden Mathis took out the White-Haired Man with a single shot while Gordon was attacking Emily. Later we learned that he’d been shacking up (and married) to Emily’s mother, Kara Wallace Clarke!

9) Thomas — Despite already being married, this rich pedophile was dating Victoria Grayson's mother, Marion Harper. When he told Marion he wouldn't marry her, the ladder climber went into a frenzy and shot him. She then made Vicotira take the gun and shoot him again, thus framing herself for his murder.

10) Dmitri Valdof — This Russian creep was notorious for trafficking women, and abducted Aiden Mathis's sister, Colleen. Aiden caught up with the pimp and killed him after Dmitri chose to insult his sister's memory.

11) Joe Ryan — The Ryan boys have been after the Porters all season and now we know why. Kenny and Nate's father, Joe, was murdered by Matt Duncan. But all of this happened thanks to Carl Porter Sr.'s gun. Kenny and Ryan think Carl's to blame, which means Jack and Declan will have to pay.

12) Helen Crowley — The Initiative's main spokeswoman took a bullet to the chest after threatening Victoria Graysons family.

13) Nate Ryan — After attempting to attack Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke, Emily Thorne came to the rescue. The ex-con fought Ems, but Amanda shot him in the back. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to kill him and his lighter blew up The Amanda. The blast eventually killed Fauxmanda.

Who Has Died Thus Far on Revenge?
Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

14) Amanda Clarke — After a season and a half of being hated by Revenge audiences, Amanda Clarke made the ultimate sacrifice when she put herself in harms way to save Emily and Jack. Her death had a lasting impact on Ems, who vowed to get her revenge in Mandy's name.

15) Padma Lahari — Nolan Ross's lady love was murdered by The Initiative after she handed over the Carrion program. Nolan spent six weeks trying to find her, only to have a breakdown when Aiden finds her dead.

16) Trask — This Initiative representative bit the dust after Padma's body was discovered by Aiden Mathis. The Revenger flew into a rage and snapped Trask's neck. Yikes!

17) Satoshi Takeda Emily's Japanese sensei took a sword to the gut courtesy of one Aiden Mathis. We later learned that Takeda's fiancée was on Flight 197 and that he was using Emily and Aiden for his own agenda.

18) Declan PorterIn the emotional Season 2 finale, Declan is injured inside Grayson Global when a bomb goes off. He makes it to the hospital, but only has a few moments with loved ones before being rushed into heart surgery. He didn't make it out alive.

Which death was the most painful for you, Revengers? Tell us below!

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