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American Idol

American Idol Spoilers: American Idol 2013 Finale Song Themes!

The American Idol spoilers for the finale song themes are out! For the American Idol finale, the season 12 Top 2 finalists will once again perform three songs — and once again Jimmy Iovine will be choosing one of them.

According to American Idol spoilers from The Idol Pad, the themes for the Top 2 contestants will be Jimmy Iovine’s 2nd Choice, Coronation Singles, and Favorite Performances. We are already groaning over the first one, intrigued by the second, and kind of bored by the third.

Why on Earth does Jimmy Iovine need to force the finalists to sing another one of his picks? We’d much prefer to hear something the contestants decided to choose for themselves, especially since we just know he’s going to pull out more diva ballads and standards we’ve hear a million times already.

Thankfully we’ve heard rumors that the Coronation Singles choice just might include actual original songs at least partially written by the contestants themselves. That would be awesome! But it would also possibly give an edge to Angie Miller, who is already known for being the ‘songwriter’ of the competition.

We know Angie Miller could probably knock this out of the park considering how she blew everyone out of the water with her original song “You Set Me Free” during Hollywood Week. However, she isn’t the only person left on American Idol Season 12 who knows how to turn a musical phrase. Kree Harrison is also a proven songwriter, penning a moving original called “You Would’ve Wanted It That Way” in tribute to her late parents.

As for Candice Glover, we honestly don’t know about her capabilities as a songwriter. All we have to work with for her is her knack for choosing songs that truly make her shine. If she’s as good picking the right words of her own to set to music, we’d love to see an originals showdown in the American Idol finale!