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The Bachelor

Brad Womack and AshLee Frazier: How Did They Meet?

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici may be the couple with the grand, televised proposal and the stunning Neil Lane ring, but they’re not the only cute Bachelor Nation couple on our radar these days. Ever since we first saw Bachelor Season 17’s AshLee Frazier cozying up to Season 11/15 stud Brad Womack, we’ve been doodling “BradLee 4 EVA” in our Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers. So how did these two Texas sweethearts meet?

While it’s not the most exciting meet-cute, Ash and Brad met through a mutual friend, an introduction method that probably has a higher success rate than meeting on a dating show. As Ash revealed during her May 14 appearance on
Great Day Houston, these two have been separated by just one degree for a whole decade! “A mutual friend here in Houston has actually been friends with [Brad] for about ten years and I’ve been friends with [the mutual acquaintance] for about ten years as well.”

Credit: Instagram    

We have to say, if a friend of ours knew Brad Womack for that long before introducing us, we’d be like, “FRIENDSHIP OVER.” AshLee is apparently more forgiving. ”During the filming of the show — I’m sorry, during the airing of the show — [our friend] had mentioned about us dating and you know, we kind of took our time with it and got to know each other.”

So, how compatible are they? Very, from the way AshLee tells it. “We get along amazingly,” she said. “We’re happy and we laugh together, and I think we’re a lot of the same person. We both take things a little bit more serious than maybe the average person, as you all have seen on the show, and neither one of us shy away from admitting that we’re both pretty serious people.”

We’re glad to see AshLee has bounced back so well!

Source: Great Day Houston