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Dancing With The Stars

Karina Smirnoff, Mark Ballas Danced Through Injuries Last Night on Dancing With the Stars 2013

Everyone was perfect last night, but two professional dancers were definitely dancing through the pain.

Mark Ballas, who suffered a back injury a few weeks ago, was still dealing with that injury as well as a toe he rebroke.

“It’s like a sport,” Mark told E! News. “When you get hurt, you either power through or you have to stop and rest and obviously we don’t have time to stop.”

Karina was fresh out of the hospital for Monday night’s performances after sustaining neck and jaw injuries while rehearsing with her partner Jacoby Jones.

She also revealed that while she wanted to try the dangerous lift that caused her that pain again, Jacoby refused!

“I wanted to do it...but the man in charge here said, ‘Absolutely not.’” Jacoby responded: “We weren’t doing that move. No way possible.”

Karina said she is feeling much better, probably because of a perfect score, but she said that dancing through an injury isn’t easy at all.

“It makes you a lot more nervous and your footing is not as solid,” she said. “You start to question what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong. When you do a lift like that, you can’t hesitate, you just got to go for it.”

As for Mark, his toe is the least of his worries. “I’m dealing with the most horrendous back injury right now. It happened to me a few weeks ago and they gave me some stuff to get through it. It got better for a week.”

Get better, you guys!

Source: E! Online