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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Logic Fails For Season 4, Episode 22

The Vampire Diaries is a show where witches can bring people back from the dead, vampires kiss humans instead of ripping their throats out, and werewolves have silky smooth chests when they haven’t transformed. And we accept all of this without blinking an eye. Yet it’s the little things that make us scoff and say, “That would never happen.” Check out the biggest logic fails from Season 4, Episode 212 “The Walking Dead.”

Damon splits up from Alaric
We understand that it must be hard to get cell reception underground, so even though Damon (Ian Somerhalder) had just talked to Matt (Zach Roerig) on the phone, Alaric (Matt Davis) had to stay put to call Stefan (Paul Wesley). This means Damon walked away from his search buddy while Silas the shapeshifter was on the loose. Alaric disappeared for so long, we were temporarily confused when the ancient immortal took his shape and thought our favorite history teacher had never been there at all. The lesson? Don’t lose track of her identity-verified friend when Silas is around!

Graduation announcements
Isn’t graduation, like, tomorrow? Caroline (Candice Accola) waited until the day before the ceremony to send out her announcements? We don’t buy it. She arranged both her and Matt’s caps and gowns months in advance and would’ve sent out her announcements out at the same time. At least “I had no emotions” Elena (Nina Dobrev) has an excuse for slacking on hers.

Lexi’s extensions
We love Lexi (Arielle Kebbel), but the first thing we thought when we saw her was, who does hair on the Other Side? The girl has been growing some serious locks in the afterlife.

Why did Bonnie think Qetsiyah would help her?
Um, Bonnie (Kat Graham)? Do you not remember your Professor Shane (David Alpay) lessons? And don’t blame it on your amnesia! The prof talked endlessly about how Qetsiyah wants — and has waited 2,000 years for — Silas to join her on the Other Side. Why would she help Bon-Bon seal him up for another few millenia?

Elena beats up Katherine
In addition to her brazen underaged drinking, Elena pulled off another remarkable feat in this episode: taking down Katherine (Nina Dobrev). The doppelganger has a few centuries on her, but apparently Elena’s rage was enough to get the best of her.

05.14.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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