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Pregnant Halle Berry’s Daughter Wants Baby to Be This Gender (VIDEO)

All anyone really wants is a healthy baby — boy, girl or whatever — but sometimes you're quietly rooting for a certain team. Halle Berry told Entertainment Tonight her 5-year-old daughter Nahla has picked a side.

"She has been praying for a baby sister — who knows what she's going to get — but she's been praying for a baby sister," Halle said in Brazil, while promoting her movie The Call. "So a baby of any sort will just make her through the roof, she really wants to be a big sister." Cute!

Halle, 46, also said her fiance Olivier Martinez, 47, is "thrilled, surprised like I am." This will be Olivier's first child. "I think when a man knows he's having a child I think they are as happy as women are," Halle continued. "It's a miraculous thing if you think about it, at our age it's an even more miraculous thing, so we're happy."

What an exciting time for them! Baby Berry-Martinez already hit the genetic jackpot with two gorgeous parents, and he/she is also fortunate to have such a welcoming big sis.

Do you think the baby will be a boy or a girl? TMZ says it's going to be a boy, but since Halle & Olivier haven't confirmed...

Source: Entertainment Tonight