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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 Spoiler: Who Meets Desiree in Armor — And Why?

Looks like Desiree Hartsock has quite an eclectic cast of characters vying for her heart on this season of The Bachelorette, including her very own knight in shining armor! If you've watched the promo for Des' upcoming season (of course you have), you may have noticed that a mystery man makes his way out of the limo in full armor. So, who is this clunky hunky?

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None other than Diogo Custodio, who waddles over to Desiree while she side-eyes him, and then makes his way into Bachelor Mansion, where he's greeted by copious LOLs. In fact, some cruel soul calls Diogo Sir CrazyLot. Unacceptable — this man is a dream come true! Though let's hope he doesn't mistake Des for Rapunzel and try to climb up her hair....

We're not sure why Diogo felt the need to hit up The Bachelorette dressed as a knight (other than the fact that he was living out his ultimate fairy-tale), but considering that he's a self-described romantic, we're thinking the producers didn't con him into making a spectacle out of himself for higher ratings.

With any luck, our girl Des will realize that Diogo is her Prince Charming and give him a first impression rose (nope)! Also, let's hope this dude doesn't face plant into the swimming pool, because we're pretty sure he'd sink.

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