Who Will Win American Idol 2013?
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American Idol

Who Will Win American Idol 2013?

Who will win American Idol 2013? With only two finalists remaining in the competition, now is the time to place your bets on who wins American Idol Season 12.

When you look back at the first six seasons of the show, the winners were all over the map. So it's never easy to predict exactly who is going to win American Idol in any given year.

Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson impressed us with her big, soulful vocals and has since crossed over into a number of different genres. Ruben Studdard was a teddy bear who won us over in Season 2 with his smooth R&B ways. In Season 3, Fantasia brought the house down with her funky style (and her unforgettable performance of “Summertime”). Then Carrie Underwood shocked the pants off everyone by winning Season 4 of Idol as the first real country star. Taylor Hicks took viewers by storm in Season 5 with his gray hair and smoky voice. Season 6 champ Jordin Sparks wowed audiences with a strong series of beautiful ballads.

But ever since then, there’s no denying that we’ve had a string of “white guys with guitars” (WGWGs for short). The show seems to have had a male singer/songwriter streak, the most recent example being Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips. This year, there is no WGWG candidate left for the voters to choose. That makes figuring out who will win American Idol 2013 all that much harder.

Before the season started, we said our idol Season 12 American Idol winner of Season 12 would be a woman with a voice that will bring the house down — think Adele meets Beyonce with a bit of an edge like P!nk.

Right now, that prediction is landing in the lap of the fabulous Candice Glover, who has twice prompted judge Randy Jackson to declare she's had history-making American Idol performances. We think Candice Glover is all that and a bag of chips.

Who do you want to win American Idol 2013?