American Idol 2013 Spoilers: American Idol Winner Will Release Album In Six Weeks — Exclusive!
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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Spoilers: American Idol Winner Will Release Album In Six Weeks — Exclusive!

We have exciting news to share on some hot American Idol spoilers about what will happen with the season 12 winner after the show ends! American Idol 2013's eliminated third-place finalist Angie Miller has confirmed the winner this season will be releasing an album just six weeks after the finale. Now that’s striking while the iron is hot.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint during rehearsals before the Top 4 performances show, Angela Miller discussed her contingency plan if she didn't win this season and confirmed the American Idol 2013 spoilers going around that this year’s winner will be recording their debut album immediately after the season ends!

What’s different now that there’s just four of you?

We’re doing more community-wise now which is absolutely great. It’s not just interviews and rehearsals and press now, it’s, we’re visiting hospitals. And we’re going to fundraiser events, and there’s more intimate stuff we’re doing. It’s really awesome.

Nice. And what do you do for fun? And don’t say hospital visits. What do you guys for fun?

Okay. Well, when we’re not doing all the Idol stuff, what do we do?

Yeah, what do you do?

I feel like we honestly, just like, hang out in our rooms, and do random stupid – we’re really good at just going to a room, and having nothing to do, and having the funnest time doing nothing. Like, honestly.

Are you basically saying you need silence at the end of the day?

Yeah, unfortunately, when we get back from all the Idol stuff, we just like relax or just do chill stuff. Eat, relax.

Is this a good core four?

An amazing core four, I love these girls. We really, honestly, get along so well.

What would the hometown visit mean to you?

Everything, oh my Gosh, it’s so weird thinking like “This is your hometown. Oh, no one will show up.” But then you always hear in the past, “Oh, no one’s going to show up,” and then there’s like, thousands of people. I don’t know, I just like, I know I’d cry. I’d be like, “What the heck? Oh my Gosh.”

That would be really cool.

Yes, it would be the most amazing feeling ever. And I’ve heard – my parents have just told me great things that my hometown’s doing so I’m so excited.

Like what, what are you hearing?

I know there’s a billboard up. There’s two billboards up with my face on it. I’m just like, what? And there’s a sandwich named after me. There’s all these signs. And I’m just like, that’s so weird.

You have a sandwich? What’s your sandwich?

It’s called, the song that I did on the show, my original song is called, ‘You Set Me Free’, and the sandwich is called, ‘Angie, You Set Me Free Sandwich’, and I guess it’s like a chicken Parmesan sandwich. I’m just like, all right, sounds good. Isn’t it random?

That’s amazing. You have a sandwich. You made it.

I have a sandwich, yeah.

If you did go home on Thursday, what would happen on Friday? How would you feel? What would you do?

I would want to do everything that I possibly can. I mean, that’s the start, when you’re off the show, that’s the start, so that’s when I would want to start doing everything possible that I could possibly do. Like every talk show, every interview, every radio station, you know what I mean? Work, write songs, work on an album.

I feel like you have won, are you ready to go?


You basically have something to hand over to a producer and be like, okay, let’s go.

Oh my gosh, yeah. When this show’s over, I want to get to it. I want to start doing the album, do some of those songs on tour, definitely.

More you than anyone else, do you worry about not being able to do what you want to do? Because you are an artist.

Extremely, yeah, extremely. And especially, whoever wins this competition is going to have to come out with an album in six weeks, and that means, we’re not really going to be able to write all the songs on the album because we just won’t have the time. So it’s kind of scary that we’ll have to take writer’s songs. It’s like, what if you don’t like their songs, so I’m definitely nervous about that. But I really trust and love the people at 19 Entertainment, so I know that they’ll get good songs from good writers.