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Nashville Spoilers: Will Rayna Have to Choose Between Deacon and Her Kids?

Deep breath, guys. Let’s think of the good times Rayna (Connie Britton) and Deacon (Charles Esten) have had together. You know, just before we bring your world crashing down with the latest Nashville spoiler.

Remember that time when they stood in the middle of that one place and they felt things? Together? How about the time they played the song with Juliette in front of a billion people, and acted like no one else existed? And who could forget that steamy, steamy elevator kiss. You just know that if that D-bag Teddy (Eric Close) hadn’t shown up, something hot would’ve happened. Come on, he was gonna dump her anyway — what’s a little tryst to cushion the blow?

So, here goes. Even though Deeks is with that vet chick who only watches shows about animals (we bet she wears a dog-print PJ set when her man is on the road), there’s still obvious love between him and Rayna — after all, he bailed out of NYC as quickly as possible to be by her side at the hospital. But it’s not looking pretty.

Word is, Deacon is probably Maddie’s dad. But that doesn’t mean a whole bunch of family closeness is ready to go down. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. According to E! spoiler folks, Rayna’s gonna have a hard road ahead for herself (because it hasn’t already been icky enough). “[T]hings are about to get real messy in Rayna and Teddy's divorce because of, you guessed it, Deacon!” E! reveals.

So, what exactly is going to go down? “It seems like Teddy will be trying to change their custody agreement in order to keep the girls away from Rayna whenever she's around Deacon. Ouch!”

What’s causing this? We’re not sure. Maybe Teddy found out about Deacon’s possible paternity and is struggling to stay in control. Weigh in with your thoughts below.

Source: E!