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A Picture of This Topless Golden Girl Sold for HOW MUCH? (PHOTO)

If you love topless paintings of women in their ‘70s, or if you just love The Golden Girls, you might love this nude portrait of Bea Arthur! Be warned though, it’s pretty spendy. Like, $2 million spendy.

Credit: John Currin/Christie's    

You remember The Golden Girls, right? If you love America’s senior sweetheart, Betty White, you should. She’s the sole surviving cast member of the comedy about four senior ladies living (and sexing) it up in Miami! The series gained a cult following, and no Golden Girl was more popular than the tall, imposing, almost masculine presence of Bea.

The show ended in 1992, the year after this revealing portrait of Bea was painted, but it’s preserved for eternity in Hallmark Channel reruns, and apparently through its high-priced fanart. The painting, which took some liberties with a clothed photo of the TV star, just sold at Christie’s Auction House. The buyer of the painting is unclear, but we hope that it takes its rightful place over someone’s mantle.

The artist is John Currin, and the painting is, fittingly, named “Bea Arthur Naked.” To see the uncensored version, click here!

H/T: Cinemablend (NSFW Link)

05.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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