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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Nina Dobrev Teases “Epic” Elena and Katherine Battle — Exclusive

Vampire Diaries fans took a collective gasp when Damon snapped poor Matt’s neck in the most recent episode of the CW series (Season 4, Episode 21: She’s Come Undone”). Luckily, he was wearing the Gilbert ring (nice move, Damon), but that didn’t make the scene any less heartbreaking as viewers watched Elena react to Matt’s apparent death and then come to terms with the string of bodies she left across Mystic Falls.

While Nina Dobrev hasn’t seen the episode yet, she told Wetpaint Entertainment she’s “nervous” to watch the emotional scene play out.

“I remember that day,” she told us at the launch of Origins’ new GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer in New York City. “It was a really tough day on set. Very emotional.”

However, Elena’s emotional breakdown did lead to one of the most intriguing plot twists of the season: forget Silas, Elena wants to kill Katherine! So will this lead to an epic Doppelganger battle in the finale? Given the intel Nina gave us, all signs point to yes. Unfortunately for the actress, who takes on both roles in the series, it meant filming two grueling fight scenes.

“It was very difficult and challenging to shoot,” she said. “It is pretty epic. It’s going to look really cool, but I’ve never had to do anything like that before, and it was a very long day.”

But Katherine isn’t the only supernatural being Elena will have to deal with. Leading up to the Season 4 finale, Bonnie will lift the veil to the other side, allowing a flood of ghosts (and not all of them are friendly) back into Mystic Falls just in time for graduation.

“It’s definitely going to be a graduation to remember for all of them,” teased Nina.

For any high school series, the graduation episode is always an emotional milestone for the cast, and for Nina, the Season 4 finale episode (appropriately titled “Graduation”) was no different.

“The good thing is that we still have more time together. We’re not finishing, so that’s always a consolation. But at the same time, it feels like an era has ended. We were able to really look back, and the creator, Julie Plec, and Kevin [Williamson] made a yearbook for the entire cast and crew with all of these pictures of the crew and cast over the last four years. It really felt like, ‘Wow. We’ve grown up, and we’ve changed so much.’ It’s been very surreal.”

Perhaps no character on the series has changed more than Elena. She started off as a normal high school girl caught between two vampire brothers, and while she still may be confused about her feelings for the Salvatore brothers, at least now she’s a badass vampire out for vengeance. Now there’s the Elena we’ve waiting four seasons to see! Let’s just hope the Salvatores don’t succeed in their mission to give Elena the cure.

While there’s a chance Elena might be forced to take the cure in the season finale, Nina would like to see vampire Elena stick around.

“She wants nothing more to be human, but every experience, and everything that she goes through makes her stronger,” Nina told us. “She’s going to be a badass chick one day. She’s gone through too much to give it all up now.”

Do you want Elena to remain a vampire too? And do you think she’ll succeed in killing Katherine? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the Season 4 finale of The Vampire Diaries on tonight at 8 pm EST on The CW.