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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Finale Spoilers: Are Meredith and Her Baby in Danger?

Grey’s Anatomy fans let out an audible gasp when they watched pregnant Meredith Grey slip and fall down the stairs in Season 9, Episode 23 (“Readiness Is All”). Everything seemed cool at the time... until Meredith went into labor at the same moment a superstorm hit Grey Sloan Memorial. Will Meredith be OK? And what about her precious McBaby?

Creator Shonda Rhimes told TV Guide that Meredith’s scary fall “starts a string of events that is cause for concern.” In other words, Meredith is going into labor — and needs an emergency C-section at a hospital that doesn’t have any power. Uh oh. This doesn’t sound good, MerDer fans!

"Then, in the finale, we have the storm hit and the conditions under which Meredith Grey has to go into labor are the exact opposite of any conditions under which anybody ever in the world would want to have to give birth,” Shonda continued. “Ellen joked, 'That's, of course, how it would be for Meredith Grey.' It's also a really beautiful story, and I think Ellen did amazing work on it and I'm really excited about it."

Judging from Shonda’s choice of words (i.e. “beautiful”), we’re going to assume that Meredith and Derek’s son is going to be OK, but that doesn’t mean Meredith’s life won’t be in jeopardy.

"We will see a doctor fighting for their life,” Shonda teasingly told TV Guide. “We will leave the season with someone fighting for their life. There's plenty of jeopardy in the finale, there's a lot of pain, but there's also some joy. Unlike some seasons when there was no joy and only pain, there is some joy."

Perhaps another doc’s life is in danger? Either way, nothing about this news is comforting.

Are you worried for Meredith and her baby, Grey’s fans? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the Season 9 finale of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, May 16, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.