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Jersey Shore

Pauly D “Cozied Up” to Which Two Sexy ABC Stars?! (PHOTO)

Hot damn, it looks like Pauly D is getting some sweet action from some beautiful TV stars! We expect it, of course, as Pauly is quite popular with the ladies, having received a lap dance from the legendary Britney Spears onstage on their tour, and cozied up to some gorgeous models in his music video for “Back to Love."

Credit: Twitter    

But recently, Pauly received some extra TLC from two Scandal stars! OK, so it was Pauly in theory, as Katie Lowes and Darby Stanchfield cozied up the guido’s cardboard cut-out, but it’s the thought that counts. Hopefully Pauly can meet Katie and Darby for real someday, as judging by this pic that Katie tweeted, they seem to be pretty into him!

“Goin Down at #MTVRadio w/ @DJPaulyD,” Katie wrote as a caption. In the background of the pic, you can see more cut-outs of fellow Jersey Shore stars, including Ronnie, Sam, and what looks to be the top of Snooki’s head!

What do you think of Pauly D “cozying up” to these two Scandal stars? Tell us below!