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Working Moms: 5 Tips to Staying Sane in Your Home Office

Having a baby is a full-time job, and not one we get paid for! Many mamas have to juggle their family life with their career — but who says you can't bring home the bacon from your own living room?

Parents who are lucky enough to work from home get to spend additional time with their kids, but carving out a few hours here and there in a jam-packed day can be nearly impossible. Nearly. Check out five tips that will help you stay sane in your home office:

Working Moms: 5 Tips to Staying Sane in Your Home Office
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Get dressed in the morning
We know, we know — who doesn't get dressed in the morning? Us, that's who. When you aren't seeing anyone but your child all day, it can be tempting to drape yourself in pajamas, sweatpants, and — let's face it — Snuggies. Meanwhile, all your baby-less besties are dolling it up in cute pencil skirts and fabulous stilettos. Getting dressed up for yourself might seem silly, but it will kick-start your day and make you feel like you're officially "going to work."

Resist the couch's siren call
Most at-home jobs require two things: a laptop and a cup of coffee. These bad boys pair perfectly with the comfiest spot in your entire house: the couch. While working on the couch sounds all kinds of fantastic, it can eventually make you feel depressed. Not only is it unhealthy to type on a computer in a semi-reclined position (think of your backs, ladies!), it's important that the couch remain a stress-free zone for family time.

Take an hour-long lunch break
There's a reason it's illegal to work eight hours without a break. You get cooped up, restless, and eventually binge-eat a bunch of Cheetos during an ill-advised snack attack. Lunch breaks aren't to be confused with breaks wherein you give your kid 100 percent of your attention (that counts as work too!). Sure, invite your little one to eat with you, but make sure you get some "you time" to fuel up in preparation for the afternoon.

Working Moms: 5 Tips to Staying Sane in Your Home Office
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Work when your kids are playing
If your child goes to school, you can easily work while he is getting his education on. But if your little one is still at home, make sure to work when he is fully occupied and/or napping. This way, you won't be ignoring him for your computer, and you'll be less likely to let the TV become a babysitter. We recommend planning at least one art project per day that will entertain your kiddo for about an hour while you work. For a list of great projects that will keep your kids busy, head here!

Designate a spot In your house as your official office
There's nothing more depressing than working in your bedroom while surrounded by messy sheets, a full laundry basket, and that giant pile of books you want to read. Find a room, a corner — even an unused walk-in closet — and make it yours. Decorate your at-home office with a cheerful cork board and some cute supplies, and buy yourself a fancy chair. It's important to keep your space clean so you have an oasis of organization in an already hectic life, and you might as well declare this a kid-free zone while you're at it!

Do you have tips for staying sane in your home office? Hit the comments and dish!

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05.17.2013 / 04:03 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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