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DIY Hair Color: How to Get the Most Out of That Box

Skipping the salon for hair color saves serious time and serious money — but the results can also be seriously unpredictable. InStyle shared some great tips to ensure your next home dye job looks professional enough to fool even the professionals.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic
If you’re expecting to go from raven-haired to platinum-toned in a single sitting, you’re likely to be disappointed. The farther you stretch your tones from their starting point the higher the chance that the color will appear off. For best home results, keep your changes to a shade or two either lighter or darker.

Stock Up
We have a lot of hair on our heads — about 100,000 on average — so unless you have a pixie cut, you’re better off picking up at least two boxes to ensure you have enough color to do the job. Hair longer than the shoulders could need three boxes. Enough dye means even coverage, and no panicked trips to the all night drugstore. Win-win.

Only Dye Dirty Hair
You’ll save your scalp from irritation if you let your follicle produce their natural protective oils. Even better, dirty hair is more manageable which means you’ll be able to section and deposit color evenly.

Lighten Up
Color almost always look a shade or two darker on hair than it does on the box, so it’s best to err on the side of lighter. You can always add more color to richen the tone, but lightening box color means you’ll likely end up in a salon chair having it professionally stripped. Expensive and damaging.

Know Thyself
Figuring out your natural hair color is the best way to choose a box shade that will truly flatter. Warmer base tones have more versatility, while cooler or ashy tones have a more limited range that they can take on and still look gorgeous. A free consultation with a stylist can help you determine your natural base tone.

Source: InStyle

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