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Pregnant Fergie Expecting a Girl? Band Mate May Have Spilled Gender Beans

The gender plot thickens! There are only two options for Fergie's baby with Josh Duhamel — or anyone's baby with anyone — male or female. (Unless you go down the hermaphrodite path.)

In March, Josh seemed to drop some hints that they might be expecting a boy, since he said, "You know your kid is going to get — he’s going to fall and bump his head. And he’s going to do all of those things." That got people thinking the "he's" referred to a male child, but he might have been speaking generally.

However, Fergie's Black Eyed Peas band mate may have accidentally told Life & Style Baby Duhamel is a girl: “Uncle always gonna be around. She’s probably going to be….” At that point, he apparently tried to cover up his words. "Oh wait, he or she, is probably gonna be on tour with us and I can’t wait." He added to L&S, “Fergie’s been wanting this and she’s a great woman and she’s going to be a great mother, too.”

Do you think he let loose the real gender of the baby, or maybe he was initially referring to Fergie as the "she," then just rephrased to talk about the baby joining them on tour?

We'll find out soon! Fergie is due this summer, reportedly in July.

Source: Life & Style