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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Season 8, Episode 8 — Gretchen Upsets Heather!

It's all about sitcom stars and fancy cars in this week's Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 8 recap. So pop in an Olsen twins movie, throw on a disguise, and get ready to cut some bad bangs!

Hippity Hop

It's almost Heather Dubrow's big day, as she heads to rehearsal for her role on Hot in Cleveland. Heather hasn't even left the kids with Terry yet, and already they're eating pancakes straight out of the freezer. That doesn't bode well.

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Tamra Barney is fed up with waiting for Eddie Judge to plan the wedding, so she's taking charge and picking out the rings herself. Joining her on the ring outing is her old pal Lauri Peterson, who left the show after Season 4. As to be expected, Lauri doesn't have the nicest things to say about Vicki Gunvalson, as she thinks Vicki tried to sabotage her relationship with George. We can already tell that trouble is brewing.

Lydia McLaughlin is organizing her photo albums, and her mom Judy stops by to help. Judy mentions one too many times how much she misses pot, so Lydia realizes that she hasn't gone clean as she had said she would. Judy feels Lydia is judging her, and she admits she just wants to live in the "Land of the Bunnies" which either means she wants to smoke pot, or she really loves carrots.

Slade Is On a Rolls

Slade Smiley takes Gretchen Rossi on a little getaway trip down to San Diego, where he has a surprise for her: He bought her a Rolls Royce. Er, kinda. They're actually just leasing it, and he's not "technically" going to be paying for it. Details, details.

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Alexis Bellino apparently doesn't want Heather to be the only person getting attention for an acting career, so she enrolls in an acting workshop. She is confident about her resume, given that thing she did on General Hospital that is referred to by the techincal term of "speech." Isn't acting jargon confusing?

However, she quickly botches her definition of "acting," and then she almost falls over during her in-class scene. On the bright side, things can only go up from here for her.

Heather meets the stars of Hot in Cleveland at the table OMG, Heather got to meet Betty Frickin' White!!!! and then all of the other ladies head into L.A. to see her actually tape the show. Well, almost all of the ladies make it, as Gretchen and Slade are ridiculously late to the taping. Then, they get out of their seats almost immediately after arriving. Well done, you two.

On a side note, you can watch a special encore airing of Heather's Hot in Cleveland episode on Wednesday, May 22, at 10 pm ET/PT on TV Land.

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A Nose for Drama

But Heather does an amazing and hilarious job on the show, and the ladies all tell her how fabulous she was at the after-party. Particularly touching is Terry's speech about how she inspires and amazes him. Aww! Not-so-touching is Tamra giving Heather a pair of glasses with a nose shaped like boobs. As we all know, Tamra doesn't always make the breast decisions.

Then, Lydia mentions Tamra having called Vicki a bitch last week, which is a risky move on Lydia's part. Vicki and Tamra get heated for a moment, with both accusing the other of causing the problems. Luckily, they are able to table their argument for the time being and keep the focus of Heather's special moment. Phew.

So what did we think of the episode? Above all, we're really proud of Heather for killin' it on the sitcom — and we also love that Terry stepped up his role as Mr. Mom. Meanwhile, we kinda wish Lydia hadn't brought up the Vicki-Tamra tension at Heather's event.

We also find Slade's Rolls Royce "gift" to be a bit ridic — and we of course can't wait to see the drama that Lauri brings! And a note to Alexis: Don't practice your Oscar speech yet.

Now, if anyone needs us, we'll be cutting our bangs.

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