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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Ezria Flashback: Check Out The Script From Season 3, Episode 6 (PHOTO)

With Ezria on the outs, it’s nice to get little reminders of their former and, hopefully, future glory. Pretty Little Liars Maya Goldsmith’s recent tweet shares script pages from Season 3, Episode 6: “Remains of the ‘A’,” falls into the former category. Check out this script flashback to a happier Ezria time...

Season 3, Episode 6: way back when Emily was still trying to figure out what the heck happened to her the night Ali’s body was dug up; Hanna was still planting fake notes on a hospital-ridden Garrett; Spencer was grilling Jason about the N.A.T. Club; and Aria (Lucy Hale) was starting her photography assistantship thing (whatever happened to that?).

Credit: Twitter    

The cute scene in question shows Ezra (Ian Harding) expressing concern when Aria considers ditching her new photography gig in lieu of an “A” stakeout (or, as she actually describes it to Ezra, “cheering Hanna up”). Ezra misinterprets Aria’s mood as nervousness over her capabilities, so he starts an impromptu photo shoot in his living room to remind her how much she loves photography/him. Two birds, one stone.

The script gives some fun insight into the scene, including a cut direction for Ezra to adopt a “vaguely Euro-accent” in a playful attempt to mimic a cliche photographer. Missed opportunity!

What other changes and insights can you draw from the pages? Post your comments in the section below!

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