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Twilight Co-Star Michael Welch Reacts to Rob and Kristen Breakup: “I Wish Them the Best” — Exclusive

In case you've been living under a rock, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up this past weekend — and this time, it seems to be sticking. Sources were saying that it wasn't over til Rob moved out, and then Rob did reportedly move out, and now Kristen reportedly hasn't left the house for days. We're a little teary-eyed, and we're not even their best friends! So what about people who do know the pair — how do they feel?

Wetpaint Entertainment went to the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles's Voice Awards this past Sunday, where we were able to speak with Twilight star Michael Welch! He played Mike Newton in the saga, the unsung, human romantic prospect of Bella Swan, and we asked him about the breakup. His feelings are about in-tune with ours.

"I really like Rob and Kristen," says Michael, "I developed relationships with them individually before they were together and kind of got to know them over the years, and I just want them to be happy. I wish them the best. It seems like it's been kind of an on again off again kind of thing over the years, and I just want them to be happy people because I think they deserve it. They're both just so talented and so great. And I don't know. I just wish them the best."

Is someone cutting onions in here?! This just makes the breakup seem even more like the end of an era!

"My favorite part [of filming Twilight] honestly was just the friends I made over the years," says Mike of making friends with his co-stars, like K. Stew and R. Patz. "I mean, so often when I make films, it's such an intimate experience, and you get close to people. You're off in some random town, and you're all hanging out every day, trying to tell a story together. It's a very cool thing to get to do for a livingIt was actually very cool to get to come back and see the same group of people year after year for four or five years and actually develop long term friendships that way."

"It was just fun," he adds, "It was a fun thing to be a part of it."

It's always so sad when two dear friends break up! Especially when they're friends from such a life-changing experience as starring in the Twilight saga.