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The Bachelor

Bachelor Babes and Bachelorette Studs Play Scantily Clad Tug of War!

Our favorite Bachelors and Bachelorettes are back to doing what they do best — frolicking around tepid bodies of water in their bikinis!

That's right, fellow flower children, Bachelor Nation's best and beefiest recently congregated to shoot a poolside spread for Us Weekly's annual Hot Bodies issue (on stands Friday, May 24), and the players? None other than Bachelor Pad's Jesse Kovacs, Kiptyn Locke, Graham Bunn, and Nick Peterson, as well as Bachelor 17's resident babes Lindsay Yenter and Selma Alameri!

"I'm very competitive," Nick tells Us during a friendly game of naked tug of war. "My goal is always to look the best, I want to look better than anybody and everybody. That's my goal!"

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Meanwhile, Selma admits that her hot bod is thanks to the help of a personal trainer who she hired to prep her for Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor. "I went from being fit to toned," she explains, adding "I would rather eat salads for three meals a day and be able to eat dark chocolate."

Looks like Selma learned some pretty great tips from her trainer, because she helped Lindsay stay fit during Sean's season! "I am used to having a personal trainer telling me what to do," Lindsay says, "so I would kind of just stand there, look at Selma [and ask] 'What do I do now?' She kind of helped me out."

Head over to Us Weekly to see a hilariously amazing video of these bad boys and gals playing tug of war (read: fondling a rope seductively), posing with pool floaties, and soaking up the sun, and don't forget to check 'em out in this Friday's print issue!

Source: Us Weekly