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Nashville Finale Spoilers: Who Dies In the Season 1 Finale?

Update: Huge Spoiler. Uh, no one. That spoiler we read about was bunk. We're wondering if the reason for its incorrectness is based on the fact that the series was reduced by episodes from 22 to 21, and the showrunners thus changed everything around, plotwise.

Original(ish) story:

We’ve been dreading the day that the Nashville gods would finally choose to take from us a lamb of our own flock. And since Gunnar Scott’s (Sam Palladio) questionably attractive brother doesn’t really count (he was never jumped in), we’re afraid that it might be someone we’ve come to care about a little more.

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So, why the death talk? Well, four reasons. First, we saw a behind the scenes pic of one of the most wishy-washy dudes on the show with what appears to be a stab or gunshot wound and thought the worst (even though he’s definitely not the best).

Second, we read a couple weeks ago that there will be an explosion in the finale in an intersection and don’t know why.

Third, the show’s titles usually lend a little insight into what may be happening in the ‘sode. So, considering the Finale is called “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive,” it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to put two and six together...

Lastly, E! just published a spoiler saying that there will be not just one but two deaths in the finale, which leads us to believe that reasons 1 and 2 pertain to two separate deaths. So, that’s worrying, to say the least. But we're confused, ya know, considering there were just two deaths in Episode 20. Does that mean that more bloodshed is on the horizon? Eek, we just can't even...

Who got stabbed / shot? Well, as we saw in Season 1 Episode 20, it was a nightmare for all (eight) Crazy / Beautiful fans: it looks like Dante's (Jay Hernandez) greed in selling a sex tape with Juliette didn't work out so well...

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Although Dante flew off with a wad of cash and his grifting girlie on Season 1, Episode 18, he came back for more of Juliette’s wrath.

Sure, Jay and Hayden Panettiere (Juliette Barnes) are laughing and in good spirits, but keep in mind this is a behind the scenes picture and doesn’t actually show the mood of the scene. As in, we are STILL traumatized by what happened to him. Sorry we're not sorry.

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As for the second death, we have a couple theories. The first is that it might be Stacey (Susan Misner). Although it seems pretty sure that she and Deacon (Charles Esten) are dunzo — especially considering he’s full time tasting the Rayna-bow (Connie Britton) these days — there hasn’t been a lot of closure. And since actress Susan Misner is moving on to a role on The Americans, whether Nashville gets renewed or not, it’s possible Callie Khouri kills her, just to show that you don’t mess with Raycon...

And speaking of actresses who may be on their way out, we’ve heard that Chloe Bennet (Hailey) is moving on to work with Joss Whedon, but it’s unclear whether she’ll still be available to kiss Gunnar’s face or Avery’s (Jonathan Jackson) ass. However, her death doesn't seem like it would make much of an impact on any of the characters, considering how minor she is.

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As for our number one guess for who dies? Well, it was Jolene (Sylvia Jefferies). How did we know? Well, according to the synopsis, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) discovers a letter from Jolene revealing her mother's true feelings during the finale. And nothing makes a mother-daughter drama (that has honestly become a little tired) go away like an untimely death. Plus, it gives Juliette a little more complexity as she goes into next season.

Or, you know, if it was Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), that would be fine too. Although, if things haven’t changed since November, that’s unlikely to happen... Who is your best guess for being aufed when Nashville wraps up Season 1? Weigh in below.

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