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What Happened to Conrad Grayson in Revenge Season 2?

From CEO, to retired bum, to governor of New York, Conrad Grayson’s journey throughout Revenge Season 2 never lacked style ... except when he wore one of his many golfing outfits.

The Grayson patriarch started off Season 2 as the evil CEO of Grayson Global, holding his daughter captive in rehab while trying to snag her inheritance. When he discovered his wife was actually alive, Connie didn’t miss a beat and quickly beat up Victoria in order to get her back home — well, it made sense at the time.

He continued running Grayson Global until his son, Daniel, took the company right out from under his Prada loafers. Conrad was content to troll the Hamptons in his madras shorts for a while until he decided to run for governor of New York. That’s right, all of New York.

Luckily Ashley Davenport ran his campaign because Conrad was busy making backdoor deals with hoodlum, Nate Ryan. The bad boy wanted to take over the Docks and Conrad’s involvement ended up getting Fauxmanda Clarke killed.

Jack Porter made the connection, but instead of revealing his hatred for Connie, he joined his political campaign as a voice of the people.

Conrad ended up being elected, but that wasn’t the biggest twist in his storyline. It turns out The Initiative isn’t really a massive terrorist organization but rather a group of businessmen looking to profit off fear. Conrad bought in to a piece of the action and helped organize the bombing of his own company, Grayson Global.

Though he meant to take out Jack Porter, Conrad’s bomb killed Declan. Now Conrad’s daughter, Charlotte, is pregnant with no baby daddy to help. Thanks a lot, Pops.

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05.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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