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Grey's Anatomy

5 Reasons Jackson Avery and April Kepner Belong Together on Grey’s Anatomy

Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton)? April (Sarah Drew) and her paramedic fiancé? No thank you — these two docs belong together, as the Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale (Season 9, Episode 24: "Perfect Storm") proved beyond a doubt, at least in our minds.

We have faith that Shonda Rhimes and co. will eventually allow April and Jackson to get back together (how can he turn her down after that epic finale declaration?). We mean, really. They're totally meant to be. Here are five reasons why.

1. Chemistry. April and Jackson's first time may have prevented April from passing the boards, but it was so hot it was almost worth it. These two have off the charts chemistry that can only be ignored for so long. (Such as, until he's almost blown up in front of her eyes.)

2. They want the same thing. For a brief moment when April thought she was pregnant, Jackson and April saw a future together that they would both enjoy. While right now probably isn't the best time for them to have a baby, they seem to want the same things long term, which is important (right Owen and Cristina?).

3. He gets her. Jackson is a catch by any standard, but April, while gorgeous, can be a bit harder to take, personality wise. Jackson gets what makes her wonderful beneath the high-strung exterior, and he seems to be able to calm her down better than any else can (at least when he's not the source of her angst).

4. They're fun to watch. On a meta level, this relationship works; they're sweet, sexy, and just plain fun to watch.

5. They're best friends. As Jesse Williams put it, April and Jackson are "each other’s best friend — whether they like it or not." While not every friendship has to turn romantic, in this case, why wouldn't it? As we said, they have chemistry, passion, and compatibility. A romantic relationship seems inevitable.

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