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Castle Season 6: Will There Be More Esplanie? Andrew Marlowe Says…

With all the attention paid to Castle and Beckett over the past few weeks, we almost forgot about Castle’s other golden couple: Esposito and Lanie. Series creator Andrew Marlowe also admits to neglecting Esplanie a bit, but says he wants to pay them more attention in Season 6, if he can squeeze it in!

Marlowe tells TVLine that things are “complicated” between the two — in part because “Lanie isn’t sure about wanting to commit“ — and notes that “there is much more going on in that relationship than we have had time to show.”

Hmm, is it just us or does that sound a lot like what’s going on with Castle and Beckett these days?

So when will we get to see Esplanie get some long-overdue screentime? “There’s some great storytelling that we’ve talked about, but to give it the real breadth we want to, we need a bit more time,” Marlowe continues. “So we’re going to have some hallmarks next season on that front.”

Are you psyched for more Esplanie in Season 6 or are you all about Caskett? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TVLine