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The Bachelorette

Top 10 Most Memorable Arrivals on The Bachelor and Bachelorette

Somewhere over the rainbow, there's a mentally unstable person just waiting to pop out of a limo on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. We've been blessed with some truly wonderful limo exits over the past bajillion seasons of our favorite franchise, and we can't wait to see what goes down when Desiree Hartsock meets her gentleman callers on the Monday, May 27 premiere of The Bachelorette Season 9. Get pumped up for Des' meet ‘n greets by revisiting the top 10 most memorable limo exits of all time!

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1. Lindsay Yenter Walks Down "The Aisle" In a Wedding Dress... Yikes
For reasons that have yet to be fully explained, Lindsay Yenter arrived at Sean Lowe's Bachelor 17 love hive wearing a bridal gown. She then proceeded to get wasted, break into a bout of melancholia, and tried to slow dance with Sean to the sound of zero music. Oh, and then she tried to make out with him. In other words, welcome to our favorite limo entrance of all time.

2. Jef Holm Rolls In on His Skateboard, We Swoon
Who needs a limo when you can just skate your way to Bachelor Mansion, right guys? Bachelorette Season 8 winner Jef Holm threw caution to the wind when he showed up to Emily Maynard's love nest on his skateboard, and frankly we're shocked that he didn't bust out a hackie sack and a weed leaf T-shirt. Also, we'll bet you, like, five organic hemp necklaces that Jef whittled that board by hand.

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3. Jeff Medolla Shows Up In a Mask, Weirds Everyone Out
Nothing turns a lady on more than a man in a mask! Or not. Unless you are some weird theater nerd with a fetish for The Phantom of the Opera, which Bachelorette Season 7's Ashley Hebert definitely isn't. Apparently Jeff wanted Ash to "take his face out of the game," but whatever. As long as his abs and man parts are in the zone, he doesn't even need a head.

4. Brittney Schreiner Accessorizes Herself with Geriatric Old Lady
Brittney thought Bachelor 16's Ben Flajnik would be turned on if she forced her senile grandma to hobble out of her limo on crutches. Because nothing's sexier than a geriatric with a leg injury! Poor Ben looked so relieved when Brittney followed, but we're worried about Grandma Sheryl. Who knows what became of that old timer... Someone issue a silver alert.

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5. Tim McCormack Shows Up Drunk, We High Five Him Through the TV
Tim walked out of his limo, paused to check out Ashley Hebert / burp, and then proceeded to lapse into complete silence. Nope, no words to be had. This poor drunken soul basically forgot how to form sentences, something that happens to the best of us when we drink. Don't worry, Tim; Our entire life is one big Envolve-fueled haze.

6. Chantal O'Brien Slaps Brad Womack In the Face, Everyone Approves
Chantal is such a feminist. If she bothered to wear a bra, she'd be burning it. This gal had us chant(al)ing her name with pride when she stepped out of the limo and proceeded to slap Bachelor 15's Brad Womack across the face on behalf of "every woman in America." (Reason being, Brad icksnayed both ladies in Season 11’s finale, ruining the dreams of women everywhere.) Basically, we want her to slap all our ex-boyfriends. By which we mean our ex-body pillows...

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7. Travis Pope Gifts Emily a Giant Egg...We Worry
We'll forever have a special place in our hearts for the nutball mastermind known as Travis Pope. Mostly because he showed up to The Bachelorette Season 8 with a giant ostrich egg that "represented" Emily and her daughter, Ricki. Fee free to side-eye. And yes, we spent the entire season terrified that Travis would lose his mind, fry said egg, and eat it.

8. Kalon McMahon Lands In a Helicopter, Haters to the Left
Limos are for mere mortals, and Kalon doesn't have time for plebeian activities like "driving" in low-class peasant-mobiles. Which is clearly why he showed up to Bachelorette Season 8 Emily Maynard's pad in a helicopter — causing his competish to fly into fits of jealousy. Whatever, guys. Stop judging Kalon's vaguely evil face and shiny loafers.

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9. Lindzi Cox Rides In on a Horse
Someone call PETA, because an innocent horse was emotionally traumatized during Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor. Turns out Lindzi wanted to show off her super strong thighs (or something?), but who knows what became of poor Levi The Horse once Lindzi sashayed her way into Bachelor Mansion. We'll look for you on The Horse Whisperer, friend.

10. Ashley Palenkas Tries To Reenact 50 Shades
Look, we all love 50 Shades of Grey, but there are levels of obsession, and Ashley has crossed over to the dark side. The dark grey side, if you will. Ashley showed up for her meet 'n greet with Sean, and immediately tried to strangle him with a necktie in an effort to recreate her favorite scene from 50 Shades. May we suggest "911" as a safety word?