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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lauri Peterson Says She Caught Vicki Gunvalson in Bed With Another Woman

We weren’t sure what kind of trouble Lauri Peterson would be stirring up with her return to the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 — but it looks like Vicki Gunvalson should watch her back!

In RHoOC Season 8, Episode 10, Lauri and Gretchen Rossi catch up while spending time on Lauri’s sprawling ranch-style estate.

Conversation inevitably turns to Vicki, whom Lauri worked for and has known for many years.

“We’ve just kind of really fallen apart,” said Lauri of their friendship.

Without missing a beat, Gretchen begins to unload about her own issues with Vicki.

“I struggle so bad with her. I just find her to be one of the most hypocritical people I've ever known in my life,” she tells Lauri. “She accused me of cheating on Jeff. She totally and completely trashed Slade about him being a deadbeat dad. And then she starts dating Brooks, who basically was in the exact same situation! And then when I finally call her out on it and say, ‘You’re such a hypocrite,’ she’s just like, ‘I’m not hypocrite, I’m not a hypocrite.’”

Nodding in agreement, Lauri says she finds Vicki’s comments about cheating to be particularly interesting considering her track record.

“Vicki’s history over the last 12 years that I've know — I‘ve never known her to be with just one person ever. I mean, ever,” Lauri says to Gretchen Rossi. “She’s just hopping from guy to guy to guy."

But Lauri's story didn't stop there. "At the insurance convention in New Orleans that we went to, I walked in and she was in bed with another woman and they both in bed with another man. [...] Whether they were having sex or not, I don't know."

Turning to the cameras, Lauri coolly says, “I know a lot about Vicki. I definitely know where the bones are buried. She better watch out.”

Should Vicki be afraid, or is Lauri just spreading lies?

Source: Bravo