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The Bachelor

Peyton Lambton Talks Babies: Are She and Chris Ready to Get Pregnant?

Is another Bachelor Nation couple ready to start popping out babies? Peyton (Wright) Lambton — the Season 10 Bachelor contestant who married Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelorette runner-up Chris Lambton in May of last yearcreated a stir in the blogosphere when she wrote a May 28 post all about pregnancy and babies.

To make things clear, Peyton is not pregnant. She confirms that right off the bat. But that doesn’t mean she and Chris are opposed to the idea of expanding their family. In fact, they’ve been thinking about that quite a lot lately.

Pey and her man just celebrated their one-year anniversary, and now it feels like friends and family can’t stop asking when they’re planning to start having kids.

What happened to enjoying your time as a couple and having the opportunity to experience life together??” Peyton writes. “So much pressure is put on the process of marriage and starting a family and I'm not sure why everyone is in such a crazy rush.


Peyton says she and Chris have had “a crazy first year of marriage,” especially since their HGTV series, Going Yard, requires so much time and travel. For now, she says the couple enjoys getting the chance to travel and to seize new opportunities. If she got pregnant right now, all of that would change.

“I want to live in the moment with my husband and to be selfish in a different way with him. Is that so bad?? Expanding our family will be a huge decision and we need to be ready to commit to the fact that our lifestyle will change.”

That said, the couple is ready to take another important step in their life together. “Until the 'right' time comes along I think it's time to get a dog!” They’re hoping to get a Swiss Mountain dog... and Peyton is already busy picking out names.

Source: Peyton Lambton’s Blog