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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky vs. Roberto Martinez: Whose New Flame Is Hotter?

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez: Out of every couple in Bachelor history to break up, their split hurts the most. Jake and Vienna? We’re glad they’re over. Brad and Emily? Never would have worked. But Ali and Roberto? These two crazy kids really seemed like they might have chance.

Almost everyone loves Ali. And people adore Roberto. Watching their November 2011 breakup was ridiculously painful. But in the end, Ali and Roberto just wanted different things in life. Ultimately, these differences drove them apart.

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Now, after well over a year apart, both Ali and Roberto have moved on to new relationships. Just a few months ago, we learned that Roberto is dating Sara Underwood, a Playboy Playmate and 2007’s Playmate of the Year.

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As recently as early May, Ali confirmed that she, too, is in a relationship — with TV host Kevin Manno. Ali and Kevin have worked together in the past on her TV show 1st Look, but their relationship only took a turn for the romantic quite recently.

Ali and Roberto have both moved on to new loves, but which of them got the better end of the deal? Obviously, Roberto’s GF is a freakin’ Playboy Playmate... so that’s pretty hard to beat. On the other hand, he chose someone who looks very similar to Ali, which just might indicate some lingering feelings.


Ali, on the other hand, chose a guy who might be Roberto’s polar opposite. He’s an energetic TV host, while Roberto is mellow, laid back, and does his best to avoid the TV spotlight. Also, look at him. Sure, Kevin’s not an underwear model or anything, but he’s hot in a super-cute, relatable way. It makes you want to be his best friend (... and make out with him).

In the end, who do you think has the better deal? Are you loving Roberto’s model GF, or is Ali’s TV host boyfriend more your style? Head below and sound off.