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Grey's Anatomy

5 Grey’s Anatomy Stars We’d Love to See on Scandal — With Dream-Casted Roles! (PHOTOS)

Shonda Rhimes is a TV creator and showrunner extraordinaire whose show Grey’s Anatomy seamlessly spun off to the Addison Montgomery-fronted Private Practice. When her latest hit Scandal aired, we saw a few familiar faces pop up (including Kate Burton, Bellamy Young, Scott Foley, and Jeff Perry), and as we head into Season 3 of the drama, we’re hoping she will bring in a few Greys veterans.

Since we’re such big fans of the show, we’ve gone ahead and picked five stars we’d love to see crossover, plus a brief dream-casted role. (Notably, we haven’t included the current main stars since it would be tough for Ellen, Patrick, Sandra, etc. to appear.) Shonda, if you’re reading, these are our dreams. Do with them as you will.

Chyler Leigh as Verna Thornton’s daughter, who comes back to question Fitz.

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Currently, only a few people know that the president suffocated Verna to death in the middle of Season 2, but the truth could come out. If so, we’d love to see Chyler (Lexie Grey) be timid and act like she’s just grieving, then blackmail or threaten Fitz if she knows what really happened.

Kim Raver as Olivia’s “fixer” after the news of her affair with Fitz comes out.

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Can you imagine Kim (Teddy Altman) storming in to help “fix” Olivia’s post-affair mess? Sure, Liv has her team, but she’s going to need to bring out the big guns to get out of this one. Kim could come in and shake things up and likely try to get Olivia and Fitz to end things for good. And if we want to really make things crazy, maybe she’s secretly a mole for Mellie...

T. R. Knight as James’s ex-boyfriend.

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Cyrus’s husband, James, doesn’t get nearly enough screen time. The talented Dan Bucatinsky has sporadic storylines on the show, in which he’s usually scheming, upsetting someone, or freaking out about something Cyrus did (or didn’t do). We’d love for an ex to shake things up for their already-rocky relationship, and though we don’t condone cheating, we bet T.R. (George O’Malley) and Dan would have great chemistry.

Katherine Heigl as a frantic woman whose husband was “kidnapped” — but it isn’t what it seems.

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It’s no secret that Katherine (Izzie Stevens) is the queen of romantic comedies, so it would be great to see her bust out her dramatic acting chops (see: Denny’s death) and play a frantic woman who needs Olivia’s help. Bonus if she actually had her husband “kidnapped” and has to cover her tracks, or better yet, she’s covering up for some big political scheme. Twists!

Eric Dane as a man from Abby’s past, perhaps her mentor-turned-lover.

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Abby hasn’t had the easiest time in relationships. Her marriage was arranged and her ex-husband beat her; she and her most recent boyfriend, David Rosen, have had a complicated mess of betrayal and using each other; and now who knows what will happen for her. Eric (Mark Sloan) could be the man who taught her everything she knew, with whom she had relations with, then broke off for her arranged marriage. It could be more complicated if he knows some of her deepest secrets.

What do you think of our dream-casted Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy crossover roles? Sound off below!

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