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Teen Mom

Kieffer Delp Tweets About Hard Times — Did He Fall Off the Wagon Again?

You guys, we're really worried about Kieffer Delp. This dude is back in North Carolina after shacking up in New Jersey in the wake of his drug-addled breakup with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans in the fall of 2012, and lately his tweets have been pretty disconcerting. In fact, we're concerned he may have fallen off the wagon again!

In case you need a refresher, Kieffer and Jenelle began abusing heroin together while filming Season 4 of Teen Mom 2. Their situation went from bad to worse when Jenelle followed The Delp to N.J. a few months later, where rumor has it their drug use hit an all-time high. Jenelle returned to North Carolina shortly after (sans Kieffer) and revealed on her blog that his rampant drug use is what ruined the relationship.

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Kieffer later admitted to abusing heroin, and even revealed that he peer pressured Jenelle to use the dangerous drug, which he administered for her. Yikes!

Nowadays, Jenelle is clean and sober thanks to the help of Narcotics Anonymous, but The Delp? We have no idea. However, some of his recent tweets are certainly cause for alarm...

When a follower called him a "crackhead," Kieffer responded, "Smack head ( heroin ) get it rite if your God to judge me." That same day Kieffer wrote, "I'm hurting so f— bad I can taste it in my throat.... please.... someone... Please..."

Fans immediately asked if he was going through withdrawal (a claim he denied more than once), and in a surprising twist, Jenelle jumped in to offer her support.

"I promise u, u can make it through this," she said. "I sure as f— will … I won't give up," The Delp replied.

What do you guys think is really going on with Jenelle's troubled ex? Should we send Barbara Evans over to rescue Kieffer from himself? Tell us your thoughts below.