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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Season 8, Episode 10 — Vicki’s Bedroom Secrets!

It's time to whoop it up for this week's recap of Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 10. So go grab your fake teeth, get rid of your shrimp skins, and stay far away from any and all donkeys!

Art or Smut?

At the start of the episode, Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow meet to design a swimsuit to give to Tamra Barney for her upcoming bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The two are differing on some key aspects of the party, with Heather wanting to go to an art gallery with Tamra, while Gretchen wants Tamra's bathing suit to be as skimpy as possible. Then again, the human body is a piece of art, right?

Lydia McLaughlin, the self-proclaimed "Friendship Whisperer," meets up with Tamra to encourage her to have a calm sit-down with Alexis Bellino. Shockingly, Tamra seems onboard with the idea, having realized that she feels badly that Alexis is on meds. Later, Alexis meets with Vicki, informing Vicki that Tamra called her to meet up. So far, so good... we hope.

The moment that will be henceforth be known as "The Most Shocking Day Ever" (c'mon, help us get that to catch on!) arrives, with Tamra and Alexis meeting for drinks with Lydia and actually gasp! keeping their voices at a below-deafening decibel. Tamra admits feeling badly for Alexis's pain, which causes Alexis to break down in tears and say that she wants to be given a chance. Hooray! We don't know if this detente will last, but we're feeling optimistic.


You Can't Handle the Tooth

In a much less good-natured meeting, Gretchen meets Lauri Peterson at her stable to catch up with Lauri throw Vicki under the bus.

Lauri unloads a whole slew of shocking gossip on Gretchen about Vicki, including such nuggets of info as Vicki having had an affair with a toothless Greek man and having been caught by Lauri while in bed with a man and another woman. Wow! Upon hearing this all, Gretchen did her best to keep her joyous laughter to a minimum.

It's time for the bachelorette party, which Heather is nervous about, since she's never seen a stripper. (Poor, deprived Heather!) Tamra is also apprehensive, since she was told to pack a suitcase of warm-weather clothes and one of cold-weather clothes, even though she is adamant about not wanting to go to a cold climate. We're with you on that one, Tam.

Luckily, she learns she's headed south of the border, and once they get there, the ladies bombard her with penis-shaped everything. In fact, Gretchen and Vicki accidentally buy duplicate sex toys, which is why you always need to communicate about your sex toy purchases, people!


Forget Shrimp Skins — It's Time to See Some Skin

The ladies start the night at a super-swanky restaurant that Heather loves. And while the food does look amazing, we agree with the rest of the ladies that a cloth-napkin restaurant is not really the kind of place that screams "bachelorette party in Mexico." Still, the ladies could have at least pretended to have fun.

After dinner, Gretchen and Heather head to the bathroom, so Vicki, Lydia, and Tamra decide to paint the town red on their own, with Gretchen and Heather then waiting in the limo. The three make their way to Vicki's favorite dive bar, buying light-up bow ties along the way (why not?). But this might be the final straw for Gretchen, who is on the verge of telling Heather all about Vicki's sordid (and occastionally toothless) past.

So what did we think of the episode? Well, we loved all of the repaired friendships, especially Tamra going out of her way to reach out to Alexis. And seeing Tamra and Vicki hold hands is so cute, even though they clearly should have told Heather and Gretchen where they were headed after dinnner.

And now we can't wait for next week, when Gretchen's secrets about Vicki are bound to surface. In the meantime, we'll be trying to clear our mind of any mental images involving donkeys.