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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Dines With New Housewife Carlton Gebbia, Jokes About Oral Sex

We can’t help but respect Lisa Vanderpump’s grace under pressure. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recently braved accusations from a source who told Radar Online her restaurant, Villa Blanca, served a salad with cardboard in it to a customer. The whole ordeal has turned into a war of words between Lisa and the tabloid, with Lisa firmly standing by the quality of her restaurant.

During a recent dinner outing with husband Ken Todd, where the couple dined with rumored new housewife Carlton Gebbia and her hubby, TMZ’s cameras caught up with Lisa Vanderpump to grill her about the cardboard salad debacle.

“Oh I know, what a load of nonsense, right?” Lisa said coolly as she said goodbye to Carlton with some very European cheek kisses. “You pay extra for that. There’s a lot of fiber in that salad.”

Quickly switching gears (and perhaps to get a rise out of the reality star), the paparazzi then asked Lisa Vanderpump what she thought about actor Michael Douglas’s comments about oral sex potentially causing his throat cancer.

Lisa simply smirked as she got into her car and said, “We don’t do that in England.”

Somewhere off camera, Ken must be shaking his head in disappointment.

Source: TMZ