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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Orange County Spoilers: Gretchen Tells Off Tamra

Sending Housewives to Mexico for a bachelorette party is a disaster just waiting to happen. So when Vicki Gunvalson whisked Tamra Barney and Lydia McLaughlin away in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 10 to party all night without Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow, we knew drama was not far behind.

In this sneak peek of Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 11, Gretchen is ready to unleash her fury — but it’s not directed at Vicki.

After spending a night out in Puerto Vallarta, Tamra, Vicki and Lydia return to their hotel in the wee hours of the morning.

“They missed a good party,” Vicki says of Gretchen and Heather. “It was truly funny that Tamra and I had fun and Gretchen wasn’t there. It’s hysterical.”

But instead of going to bed, the trio decides an apology is in order and seeks out the left-behind partygoers. Needless to say, Heather is not impressed by their behavior.

“It was Vicki’s idea,” Tamra Barney exclaims.

“It was totally uncool,” says Heather, asking why they had to run off when she and Gretchen were just using the bathroom after dinner.

“I’m glad you had fun, Vicki,” says Gretchen Rossi, before aiming her anger at Tamra.

“When you left the restaurant you weren’t drunk,” she tells the bride-to-be. “You don’t give a s**t about me. It really f**king hurt my feelings a lot. I put a lot together for this week, so why the f**k would you just run off like that? I don't’ get it.”

Unable to form an adequate response, Tamra points and Vicki and giggles.

“You know what? f**k you guys,” says Gretchen, as she storms off to bed.

Will this night of debauchery ruin the rest of the bachelorette weekend, or will the Real Housewives of Orange County cast mate be able to let drunken bygones be bygones?

Source: Bravo